Even More Twisted

The moral contortions so many Americans make are getting more severe. It’s far beyond typical cognitive dissonance. This affliction is worst within the Evangelical community. Back in 2018, I made a series of paintings called Mastering the Art of Contradiction about this part of our contemporary culture. Four years later, it’s even more twisted.

Here is Moral Contortionists, from that series. Every day, and in so many ways, I am reminded of this painting.

Into the Orange

Since last May, so much has happened. I plan to stay on my upward trajectory. I’m going to keep myself in the orange as best I can.

The Color Orange: Orange indicates self-assurance, excitement, and zeal. Orange possesses orange-spiritual properties such as creativity, emotional balance, sexuality, harmony, passion, freedom, intuition, and emotional expression. Seeing orange is said to be an excellent omen. It means that there will be much happiness for you.

Barbara Kruger is the Best

Last year, when I was home for the holidays, I saw the remarkable Barbara Kruger exhibition “Thinking of You, I Mean Me, I Mean You,” at the Art Institute of Chicago. Barbara Kruger is one of my favorite artists, and absolutely one of my biggest artistic influences. I was so happy to see her exhibition, I bought our tickets months in advance. My wife Kelli, stepdaughter Grace and my Mom went to the exhibition with me. They were unfamiliar with her work but loved the exhibition too. All three were blown away. I can’t even describe how much this pleased me.

Surprise, I took a lot of pictures! I’ll share my favorites here in a series of photo galleries coming up next.

Brett & Kelli Did a Thing

We moved to Chattanooga with the intention of getting married. We just didn’t do things in the typical order. Well, we’re not typical people, so everything was just right.

Actually, Brett & Kelli did a few things! Told ya major life changes came often in 2021. Here’s a timeline of all the big stuff:

January 2021: Brett & Kelli are a couple, after being close friends for a few years.
May 2021: After months of discussion, they decide to move to Chattanooga. They buy a house in Chattanooga. Brett puts his loft on the market.
June 2021: Brett, Kelli, and Grace move to Chattanooga. Brett’s loft in Atlanta is sold.
September 2021: Brett & Kelli get engaged, making it official.
October 2021: Brett & Kelli get married at an intimate ceremony on the historic Walnut Street Bridge, located in downtown Chattanooga. Grace and the officiant were the only ones there. The day was ours and it was perfect.

Moving from Atlanta to Chattanooga

After some anxious moments, I decided to jump in with both feet! I am moving from Atlanta to Chattanooga. This is absolutely, one of the biggest decisions I have ever made. I’m moving to Chattanooga with my girlfriend (and future wife) and her daughter. My loft in Atlanta is in a hot area of town. Time to cash in and invest in a new future with Kelli and Grace in Chattanooga. Now that I’ve decided this is what I’m doing, my anxiety has lowered and I feel excited. I feel good about this.

I’ll miss my place on Wylie Street (and it’s view of my street art) and a lot of people in Atlanta. I lived in Atlanta for 15 years, and in this location for the last seven. The next chapters of my life will be in Chattanooga.

Major life changes came often in 2021. They played a big part in my extended absence from this blog. Here are a few photos from moving day.

Getting Big Timed

Yeah, I got big timed. Greg Mike covered it up with some of his work. Guess, he liked the location too. Since I live nearby and could see what was happening, I walked up to him and introduced myself when he was painting his work over mine.

Nothing wrong with Greg Mike, Greg Mike is alright. He has as much right to put his work up there as I do. However, it’s not that simple. Here is a great spot that many people used over the last few years. Now it is changed. Because he’s a known commodity, the spot is now basically his. Others artists will now be reluctant to cover it up, even though they should.

This episode is all from the unwritten rulebook of Atlanta Street Art culture. I don’t belong. It’s OK. I’ve never fit into any club anyway.

Cabbagetown and Reynoldstown

Located a few minutes southeast of downtown, these two adjacent neighborhoods have long and storied roles in Atlanta history. Both are small in size, but large in historical significance.

Today, these are two of the quirkiest neighborhoods in Atlanta. I lived in Reynoldstown from 2014-2021, a block from the border with Cabbagetown. I enjoyed most everything about living in the area, including the collective sense of humor of its residents (see image below). My Instagram page is filled with dozens of pictures of my morning walks through these two neighborhoods.

Loyalty LIES Website

I’ve written before about how the social, economical and political environment we live in today has inspired my work. In fact, much of my artistic creation became the LIES Brand, an extensive, multi-media conceptual artwork. It has taken form in many ways: posters, stickers, shirts. The LIES brand has been displayed as large scale street art works.

The LIES brand is my universal response to contemporary culture. I’ve written about it before: https://brettcalleroartist.com/2020/07/15/the-loyalty-lies-project-and-the-lies-brand/

Loyalty above all else will result in lies of one kind or another.



Holy shit. What the hell happened to this year? As soon as I promised myself I’d post at least once a month I slip into oblivion and don’t post for over three months! The longest gap I’ve had in years. My apologies to myself (and anyone reading this). Geez, I could’ve at least wrote about music or posted a quote or two. I plan to do better.

It’s not that things haven’t been happening. It’s been a busy time. So what’s going on?

I just completed another semester teaching at Kennesaw State University. Had a lot of amazing student work too. Might post some highlights at a later date.

I’m also teaching classes at Mountain Laurel Academy, Fulton County Arts & Culture, and the Callanwolde Center for Fine Arts.

I’m involved in a street art war. My paste-up work vs. some graffiti artist(s). Lots of details and opinions coming on that. Stay tuned.

I’m fully vaccinated. Looking forward to a little travel this summer.

I still have a girlfriend. Happy about it too. Haha.

The Chicago Bears did exactly what I wanted them to do. I’m definitely not used to that. I’m a draft geek, they traded up to select quarterback from Ohio State (and Kennesaw, GA native), Justin Fields. Optimistic, for a change.

Later today, I’m having dinner with a woman I briefly dated about 25 years ago. You can’t say that happens every day. Looking forward to the reunion. Should actually be a fantastic conversation.

Finally, I adopted two kittens from a rescue pet adoption agency. I named them Omar and Leroy and they have instantly bonded with me and each other. I’ve probably been more preoccupied with that then anything else. They’re so much fun.

That’s a quick list of what’s good and interesting. Life continues to be interesting.

More to come… I mean it this time.

Celebration Day – Led Zeppelin

Artist as Rock & Roll Enthusiast (aka ARE) Post: 24

I’ve always loved this song. As a kid, I was sold within the first five seconds. It’s one of Led Zeppelin’s best and remains a favorite. I’d tell you where it ranks on my all-time Led Zeppelin list (yes, I did that) but unfortunately, I can’t locate my list at the moment.

This post is more about why this song came to mind, today. Today is the last day of the Trump Administration. That alone is a reason for celebration. This is the beginning of the end for him. Trump for jail. Beyond the title, the lyrics of the song came to mind. The third verse reminded me of what the future holds for Trump and the Trump brand.

This song was written in 1970, but like many lyrics of that time, they speak about our world today. Serving as another reminder that the more things change the more they stay the same. Real progress and true changes come at a glacial pace.

“Her face is cracked from smiling, all the fears that she’s been hiding, 
And it seems pretty soon everybody’s gonna know. 
And her voice is sore from shouting, cheering winners who are losing, 
And she worries if their days are few and soon they’ll have to go.

My, my, my, I’m so happy, I’m gonna join the band, 
We are gonna dance and sing in celebration, We are in the promised land.

She hears them talk of new ways to protect the home she lives in, 
Then she wonders what it’s all about when they break down the door.
Her name is Brown or White or Black, you know her very well, 
You hear her cries of mercy as the winners toll the bell. 

My, my, my, I’m so happy, I’m gonna join the band, 
We are gonna dance and sing in celebration, We are in the promised land. 

There is a train that leaves the station heading for your destination, 
But the price you pay to nowhere has increased a dollar more. 
Yes, it has! 
And if you walk you’re gonna get there though it takes a little longer, 
And when you see it in the distance you will wring your hands and moan.”

Breaking the Cycle

The reality is this. Last week, I was sprung from the social media clink. I received a 30-day ban from Facebook for calling out a stranger’s ugly misogyny in a manner deemed too colorful by the all-knowing algorithm. Guess I got a month’s ban because I was a repeat offender.

I’m back but in the technical sense only. Getting kicked out of that joint was exactly what I needed. Couldn’t do it on my own. I’ll be the first to admit I am too compulsive and excitable as a whole. Therefore, I am far too susceptible to social media addictions and the subset of problems that arise from them. I realized long ago that Facebook was a time-sucking place that preys on my weaknesses and chews me up and spits me out in ways I don’t like. Finally gonna try to do something about it.

I’m always going to be an opinionated observer. You can count on that. Moving forward, my efforts will be focused on posting right here. I’ll continue to post promotional messages for my art and merchandise on Facebook. Since I primarily use it as an extension of my artist’s eye, I’ll continue to post on Instagram too. I am also still going to be active on Messenger.

Overall, I am happy to say, the cycle is broken and I’m not checking Facebook with any regularity anymore.

I highly recommend getting banned from Facebook for a month. It’ll do you some good.