My paintings combine both digital and traditional media. I consider myself a mixed media conceptual artist. Elements of contemporary culture serve as vessels for the content of the work.

– – – – – – – – – – –

We all engage in contradictory and hypocritical behavior. This behavior is evident within the large contrast between what we say and what we do and the greater contrast between what we think about and what we act upon. Many of us are very conscious of this within our lives. Others fully escape this reality by floating in and out of the scope of self-realization. All of us are hypocrites some of the time and are contradictory far more often than we ever realize.

This work focuses on this particular conflict and how it cultivates a sense of entitlement in spite of its inconsistent nature. This work also focuses on the mental space that allows the growing need of instant gratification achieved through instantaneous rationalization and the ever-widening definition of originality.

In this place, history is instantaneous.

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