Top 11 Tallest Skyscrapers in 2020 (United States Edition)

Most of the tallest skyscrapers being built today are in Eastern Asia and the Middle East. However, the birth of the skyscraper was in the United States. Specifically in Chicago, where they still believe in maintaining a skyline that is a beautiful as possible. Therefore, before recognizing the tallest in the world, I wanted to represent the United States. In 2020, the 11 tallest buildings in the United States will be:

1. One World Trade Center (Freedom Tower) – New York, NY: 1,776 ft. (541.3 m)
2. Willis Tower – Chicago, IL: 1,730 ft. (527.3 m)*
3. 225 W. 57th – New York, NY: 1,422 ft. (433.7 m)+
4. 432 Park Avenue – New York, NY: 1,398 ft. (426.1 m)
5. Trump International Hotel & Tower – Chicago, IL: 1,389 ft. (423.4 m)
6. 111 W. 57th – New York, NY: 1,350 ft. (411.5 m)+
7. 30 Hudson Yards – New York, NY: 1,257 ft. (383.0 m)
8. Empire State Building – New York, NY: 1,250 ft. (381.0 m)
9. Bank Of America Tower – New York, NY: 1,200 ft. (365.8 m)
10. Three World Trade Center – New York, NY: 1,171 ft. (357.0 m)
11. Aon Center – Chicago, IL: 1,136 ft. (346.3 m)

+ proposed

* the height of the Willis (Sears) Tower has been increased to include the antennas


“I think I played a role, unfortunately, in helping tear the country apart and it’s not who we are and I didn’t realize how really fragile the people were. I thought we were kind of a little more in it together.” – Glenn Beck

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Top 11 Cover Songs

Everyone knows I love rock & roll. However, I also love cover songs. I’ve acquired quite a collection over the years. All kinds – the great, the bad and the ugly. Both respectful and irreverent. At the moment, I have 1340 cover songs in my digital collection. The nature of the cover song makes for an unpredictable ride. That’s why I call cover songs the audio version of a costume party. In addition to the fun, they can also provide some musical education.

Choosing only 11 songs for this list was a challenge next to impossible. There is simply too much criteria to consider overall. Therefore, I applied a overly simple formula to help navigate the ocean of covers songs in my collection. The formula is this, all of my choices are songs that I consider to be great (not just the cover version) and the act performing the cover version must be great also (meaning that I like many of their songs, not just this song).

Therefore, under that criteria, I have compiled my top 11 cover songs. 11 essential versions of songs that no rock & roll collection should be without.

1. All Along The Watchtower – Jimi Hendrix (covering Bob Dylan)
2. Stray Cat Blues – Soundgarden (covering the Rolling Stones)
3. Where Have All The Good Times Gone? – David Bowie (covering the Kinks)
4. Got To Give It Up – The Dirtbombs (covering Marvin Gaye)
5. Emma – Urge Overkill (covering Hot Chocolate)
6. I Fought The Law – The Clash (covering the Bobby Fuller Four)
7. You Really Got Me – Van Halen (covering the The Kinks)
8. Live With Me – The Twilight Singers w/Mark Lanegan (covering Massive Attack)
9. Mandocello – Concrete Blonde (covering Cheap Trick)
10. Heart Full Of Soul – Chris Isaak (covering the Yardbirds)
11. Cold Turkey – The Godfathers (covering John Lennon)


Matt Taibbi

“This sudden decision by the party’s Washington establishment to reverse course and blame their failures on ‘fools’ out there in the heartland is a joke. If you spend a decade treating your constituents like morons, you can’t point the finger at them when your party gets a reputation for being stupid.”

Save The Party From The Party

“Big-business donors who traditionally have funded the Republican Party believe they need to make that kind of monster investment (fifty million dollars) just to keep “fools” from getting on the ballot of a party they basically control.” – Matt Taibbi