We all engage in contradictory and hypocritical behavior. This behavior is evident within the large contrast between what we say and what we do and the greater contrast between what we think about and what we act upon. Recognition, comprehension and manipulation of context is our only means for survival. This is the type of environment in which I operate.

This exhibition features a new series of mixed media paintings that combine digital and traditional mediums. These works are the result of what Callero calls “self-appropriation.” The imagery used was created through the comprehensive collection of personal experience. In these works, the collection and its documentation are combined with original and appropriated imagery that ultimately advance into a perpetual cycle of recontextualization. The resulting tug-of-war between mediated generations of information spotlights our current disposable definition of originality. This method of working permits Callero the ability to present multiple narratives through the power of suggestion and allows subsequent thoughts and interpretations to become self-fulfilling prophecies.

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