Quotes are echoes. Echoes move in a progressively rhythmic manner like ripples. Regardless of a specific view, the function of a quote is to echo. That’s why quotes are continually repeated and passed on for generations, and that’s also why I refer to my collection as Echoes.

Some of these echoes serve as pure inspiration. Some reveal the eternal optimist hiding deep inside me. Some articulate the dark side in me that completely contradicts the eternal optimist. Some articulate personal beliefs I have developed over the arc of time. Some make me analyze my personal environment. Some are merely parroted reductions from the cult of personality. Some simply express humor through the witty tone of satire. A few are actually memorable to me because of the sheer ignorance they reflect.

Regardless of sentiment, these echoes have been worth saving. Life continues – so I will be adding to this collection on a regular basis.

Click on Echoes in the category menu to read quotes I’ve collected over the years. Feel free to cut and paste them for your own use. After all, quotes are to be shared. In most cases, the sentiment of the author is much more important than the author itself. In fact, I’m not at all sure who a few of these authors are. What I did know was that I liked what they had to say.

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