Be Your Own Best Friend

Lessons are learned the hard way.

Early on in 2016, I’ve been harshly reminded that I need to be my own best friend. The more I leave my fate to others, the more I am disappointed and forgotten. Quite often, it seems like the more I do for others the more I am taken for granted. I am tired of most people. Tired of people that say they’ll call you back, and then do not. Tired of people that say they’ll keep you posted, and then do not. Tired of people that disappear at the time they said they’d return your call. Tired of people that text asking a question and then never respond when you answer. Tired of people that are unapologetically self-serving. Tired of people that intentionally or obliviously say one thing and do another. Tired of people that tell you to be more patient after they manipulated hours of your time. Tired of people that never return the invitation. Tired of people that are offended when you emotionally express your opinions.

We’re all hypocrites, therefore at times I am tired of myself.

That’s why I need to remember to be my own best friend and not expect so much from others. It’s difficult for me – I like to do for others and tend to put their needs before mine and have high expectations in return. I need to remember that it’s my mind, it’s my spirit, it’s my physical well being. Therefore, I need to be there for myself and be first in my own life.

I will be my own best friend.