Holy shit. What the hell happened to this year? As soon as I promised myself I’d post at least once a month I slip into oblivion and don’t post for over three months! The longest gap I’ve had in years. My apologies to myself (and anyone reading this). Geez, I could’ve at least wrote about music or posted a quote or two. I plan to do better.

It’s not that things haven’t been happening. It’s been a busy time. So what’s going on?

I just completed another semester teaching at Kennesaw State University. Had a lot of amazing student work too. Might post some highlights at a later date.

I’m also teaching classes at Mountain Laurel Academy, Fulton County Arts & Culture, and the Callanwolde Center for Fine Arts.

I’m involved in a street art war. My paste-up work vs. some graffiti artist(s). Lots of details and opinions coming on that. Stay tuned.

I’m fully vaccinated. Looking forward to a little travel this summer.

I still have a girlfriend. Happy about it too. Haha.

The Chicago Bears did exactly what I wanted them to do. I’m definitely not used to that. I’m a draft geek, they traded up to select quarterback from Ohio State (and Kennesaw, GA native), Justin Fields. Optimistic, for a change.

Later today, I’m having dinner with a woman I briefly dated about 25 years ago. You can’t say that happens every day. Looking forward to the reunion. Should actually be a fantastic conversation.

Finally, I adopted two kittens from a rescue pet adoption agency. I named them Omar and Leroy and they have instantly bonded with me and each other. I’ve probably been more preoccupied with that then anything else. They’re so much fun.

That’s a quick list of what’s good and interesting. Life continues to be interesting.

More to come… I mean it this time.