Never Lose That Feeling/Never Learn – Swervedriver

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Whoa. This one is massive. That’s the best word to describe this Swervedriver song. Massive in length and massive in sound. In my opinion it’s a sonic masterpiece.

“Never Lose That Feeling/Never Learn” close out Mezcal Head, their second full length album. Mezcal Head is definitely one of my Top 20 albums of all time. Might be in the Top 10!. Check it out if you’ve never heard it. The entire album is stellar. THREE songs from this album, including this one, made my list of 500 favorite songs.

This song (or songs) is probably my favorite of the collection. “Never Lose That Feeling” charges out of the gate and never stops. At the 4:11 mark, without interruption, the song plunges into a deep, dramatic instrumental coda for the final 7:39 of the song. The song is almost twelve minutes long, yet the groove could go on forever. That’s how good the ride is.

I’ve seen Swervedriver in concert a few times over the years. I’ve also seen Adam Franklin (founding member, lyricist, lead singer, guitarist) in concert too, with one of his other projects, Magnetic Morning. That time, I met him before the gig. Chatted for a minute as well. Turns out he was a friend of friend of my good friend in Atlanta. That’s right. Way less than six degrees of separation.

I wasn’t able to post this song from YouTube, therefore I produced my own clip, from the mantle in my art studio. It’s just a minute or so, but it covers the transition I describe in the previous paragraph.


Zig Zag Wanderer – Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band

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For various reasons, I have decided that this is one of my theme songs. I have a few of them, not too many. Zig Zag Wanderer, it rings true for me on many levels. This decision comes after many years of living life and many hours of listening to music. This is a decision made through experience. I even wrote about it here, in another post.

I am not even a huge fan of Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band even though I respect Don Van Vleet and his important contributions to music as an alternative rock pioneer and beyond. In fact, I had not even heard this song until I was around 35-40 years old, when I took a deep dive into early psychedelic rock.

You can jump you can holler
Never lose what I have found
Heaven’s free ‘cept for a dollar
You can zig you can zag
Whoa I’m gonna stay around gonna stay around

This video doesn’t exist

Never An Easy Way – Morcheeba

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Heard this one shuffle this morning. It had been a while since I heard it. This song sounds best after midnight but today it was a morning song and once again I heard the right song at the right time.

The sound is bold and strong yet spacious and sparse. The lyrics are moody yet motivational.

It’s one of my personal anthems. Nothing else to say.

One Slight Wrong Move – Archers Of Loaf

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Concert night is here. Concert week is here. Four of them in the next 8 days.

Tonight is Archers of Loaf at Terminal West. Looking forward to it. I’ve never seen them before. I like this band but I love one of their albums, White Trash Heroes, their fourth and final full length album. If you’ve not heard it, check it out. It’s super solid from start to finish. My favorite song form that album is a noisy groove called “One Slight Wrong Move.”

This song kicks so much ass in just a few short minutes.

“A hundred million people could be wrong,
A hundred million people have been wrong before,
A hundred million people could be wrong”