Never Lose That Feeling/Never Learn – Swervedriver

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Whoa. This one is massive. That’s the best word to describe this Swervedriver song. Massive in length and massive in sound. In my opinion it’s a sonic masterpiece.

“Never Lose That Feeling/Never Learn” close out Mezcal Head, their second full length album. Mezcal Head is definitely one of my Top 20 albums of all time. Might be in the Top 10!. Check it out if you’ve never heard it. The entire album is stellar. THREE songs from this album, including this one, made my list of 500 favorite songs.

This song (or songs) is probably my favorite of the collection. “Never Lose That Feeling” charges out of the gate and never stops. At the 4:11 mark, without interruption, the song plunges into a deep, dramatic instrumental coda for the final 7:39 of the song. The song is almost twelve minutes long, yet the groove could go on forever. That’s how good the ride is.

I’ve seen Swervedriver in concert a few times over the years. I’ve also seen Adam Franklin (founding member, lyricist, lead singer, guitarist) in concert too, with one of his other projects, Magnetic Morning. That time, I met him before the gig. Chatted for a minute as well. Turns out he was a friend of friend of my good friend in Atlanta. That’s right. Way less than six degrees of separation.

I wasn’t able to post this song from YouTube, therefore I produced my own clip, from the mantle in my art studio. It’s just a minute or so, but it covers the transition I describe in the previous paragraph.


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