This Young Woman Has A Lot To Learn

Tomi Lahren is a big deal these days. Propped up by her good looks, she’s become a popular voice for the alt-right people and young conservative millennial. I think this young woman (and I feel old for even typing those words) has a lot to learn. A lot to learn about history. A lot to learn about human nature. A lot to learn about life. A lot to learn about so many topics. It’s a shame, she’s bright but not smart enough to know what she doesn’t comprehend.

Find out for yourself. Watch this interview with Trevor Noah (of the Daily Show) in its entirety.—tomi-lahren-extended-interview?xrs=synd_FBPAGE_20161201_692299924_The+Daily+Show_Video+with+Link&linkId=31796489

How Dare You Enforce The Shutdown I Voted For!

Tonight I featured the legendary garage punk band Mudhoney on my radio program, the Fuzz Factory ( One of the Mudhoney songs I played was a new song called Douchebags On Parade. I dedicated it to the GOP, who continue to grandstand while positioned in a circular firing squad. Almost all politicians act like douchebags on parade on a regular basis. However, today, on day three of the 2013 government shutdown, the douchebaggery was kicking on all cyliners. Specifically I am referring to the ignorant and unaware grandstanding that happened at the World War II memorial today. Yeah, this really happened.