Let It All Hang Out

I am a Professor of Foundation Studies at the Savannah College of Art & Design – Atlanta (SCAD-Atlanta). Most people that have visited this site already know this. If that is not the case, now you know. This coming week, I’ll be talking about my artwork at school. The plan is to cover a lot of area, both content and working process. In addition to addressing present concerns, I want to touch upon my past ideas and future goals.

I’ll be ready. Time to let it all hang out.


Above My Desk

I share my office with a few other professors but we rarely are in there at the exact same time. Sometimes, it seems like I have my own office. Overall, I like my office space. I have two windows and space to hang up a few things. The windows are important. I need to look something with space, a depth of field. The windows do the job well, on a clear day I can see for miles. The wall space above my desk has room for a few things.

Here’s what is hanging above my desk:
1. An important statement.
2. An appropriated Ramones logo with my own words added in place of theirs.
3. My own drawing representing communication.

What’s above your desk?

desk 1

desk 2