Top 11 Favorite Clutch Songs

Clutch is a great band. They carry the torch for that is good about rock & roll. Clutch is the triple threat, great music, great vocals and great lyrics. It’s rare that a bad will excel in all three areas but that’s what Clutch brings to the table in every song. Their songs could be about topics as diverse as politics or beer. Regardless, their music comes at you with intensity and integrity. Clutch carries the blues tradition through hard rock music as good as anyone ever has. Here are my Top 11 Clutch songs. Not at all an easy decision to make.

1. Pure Rock Fury
2. Cypress Grove
3. Mercury
4. Mr. Freedom
5. Willie Nelson
6. Never Be Moved
7. Power Player
8. Profits Of Doom
9. Bottoms Up, Socrates
10. American Sleep
11. Immortal

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