Top 11 Horrible Trends in Contemporary American Culture

I really tried to stretch out and reach deep down on this one. There is a lot to be bothered by these days. I really could rant for a while about the terrifying yet ridiculous side of contemporary culture.

So here you have it. In my unvarnished opinion, these are some of the more disturbing trends in contemporary American culture.

1. The shrinking middle class and the rise of the educated poor.
2. The sharp rise in organized white supremacist hate groups since 2001.
3. Increased merging of church and state.
4. Politically motivated catch phrases designed to suppress the critical thinking abilities of the public.
5. Corporations having more rights than individuals and families.
6. Competitive plastic surgery, beauty pageants for children and other means of overblown narcissism.
7. Champions of anti-intellectualism celebrated as role models.
8. Megachurches that teach intelligent design and methods of exclusion through inclusion.
9. Lack of appropriate conduct due to a growing reckless sense of entitlement.
10. Instant gratification without a sense of responsibility towards others.
11. Relentless marketing to the lowest common denominator.

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